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Our History

We have a long history of proven skills and know how which spans over a centure. We provide our clients with useful information and advice they need to make sound decisions to meet their financial goals.


We are open

We opened our doors in the summer of 2000 and served our very first clients in Hamburg.


Acquisition & rebranding

After 30 years of services, we acquired Fintech solutions and rebranded our company brand.


Expansion of operations

With over 1200 clients all across the world, we became the top financial advisor for many internationals.


Asia brach open

In January 2020, we open our first overseas office in the heart of Aisa to better server our clients in India.


Records broken

Since 2011, we have highly qualified and well expertise Traders. And we surely says that we Surely says that we will continue with even more success.


New things

In 2016, we ventured into new markets to expand our folio and establish our fiscal acumen in the industy.

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Esecure Trade is a leading retail financial services company in India with a growing presence in the Asia. Registered Company From India Company House

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